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Book Reader in Africa FAVL's goal is to assist the rural poor of Africa with the creation of village libraries. This is accomplished by working closely with the communities in which the libraries are established. FAVL refurbishes community-donated buildings, transforming them into a space to read and study. Libraries are stocked with books by local authors and in local languages to the greatest extent possible, and with a recent initiative FAVL is producing microbooks for village libraries, in partnership with In addition, FAVL sponsors librarian training and provides for librarian salaries, thereby empowering locals with skilled employment. 2676405958

How FAVL works

FAVL primarily partners with donors who wish to support libraries in rural Africa. FAVL can help work with the local community and political authorities, establish the library, assist in book selection and, most importantly, provide an institutional framework for long-term management and support. hydropic

We need your help

FAVL support for village libraries depends on your generous donations. Our U.S. officers are all volunteers, so your donations go a long way. 2316261647

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Libraries in Africa

Generous donors have enabled FAVL to establish and continuously manage 36 libraries: Burkina Faso (32), Ghana (3), and Uganda (1). FAVL also supports the Uganda Community Library Association, with more than 50 member libraries. These libraries need your support. View FAVL libraries


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